Blueberries for Good

08. February 2017 Cravings 1
This morning I was inspired to bake for two reasons, I simply love baking and two I’ve been trying to become frugal and budget conscious. I was reading blogs which would help me combine these two together.  I saw a TV ad sharing we waste almost 40% of food we buy, that’s insane to me. But ...

Desire to be Ready

13. March 2015 Mama Diaries 0
Being a mom is tough. I never thought it was going to be easy, it was one of the reasons why I wanted to hold off on becoming one. February 2013, the first time I was pregnant, it was a complete surprise. I felt my body changing and I knew something was different. 

Yummy Energy Bites

17. November 2014 Cravings 0
These no bake energy bites by @cookingclassy — hits the spot #wannabefoodie #yummo Surfing through Pinterest is one of my morning rituals, as I often do, I pin things I want to try. This gem was one of them. One night, my husband and I were in the mood for something sweet but since I ...

Lemon Glazed Blueberry Scones

12. November 2014 Cravings 0
Took a stab this past weekend in making some Blueberry scones with a lemon glaze…. Yummy #scones #blueberries #foodnetwork #tylerflorence #yummo #wannabefoodie #latergram If we ever meet, you have to know a few things right off the bat. I love traveling as much as I love being a homebody. I love being healthy as much ...

Relax and take a load off: Reading / Sitting Nook

23. October 2014 Interior Design 0
My husband and I are obsessed with having spaces in our house to sit and relax.  As a result, I am always thinking of ways to incorporate little sitting nooks in our new home. During my quest to find the “right” chair and accents, it came to my attention how expensive things can be. My vision ...

Red is my color

22. October 2014 Interior Design 0
I love colored doors! Come to think of it, when I drive through neighborhoods, I always do a double take.  It just speaks  to me… personality! A bit of sass and boldness. Out of all the colored doors, my favorite color is red. It could be the Asian in me – we have a thing for ...