Blueberries for Good

08. February 2017 Cravings 1

This morning I was inspired to bake for two reasons, I simply love baking and two I’ve been trying to become frugal and budget conscious. I was reading blogs which would help me combine these two together.  I saw a TV ad sharing we waste almost 40% of food we buy, that’s insane to me. But when I thought about how much we spend on groceries a month and how much food we throw out, that number wasn’t as shocking. To think, nearly half of that money is going to waste was enlightening. I wanted to be better at making every penny and food item we buy go the distance. It would challenge both my finance and cooking chops to go the distance.

I always buy fruits for the obvious ‘they are good for you’ reason but I at times have to throw them out because I either forgot I have them in frigid or I didn’t take the time to meal prep and cut them in advance so I get lazy and I don’t eat them (I know I know I know.)

I was determined to make these blueberries I purchased go the distance plus eat them (LOL). I tried using them in parfaits but my family would eat everything but them. -_- So I realized I needed to use them in bake goods. So I found this recipe on Pinterest. The key determining factor for selecting this recipe was I had to have all the ingredients already, no outside purchases. Even when I didn’t have the sour cream on hand, I used yogurt as a substitute and it worked perfectly.


Bluberry Muffin 1

So this morning with the help of my daughter, Emma, I made these delicious blueberry muffins. As an added bonus, I am trying to include Ems in kitchen activities since she is showing so much interest. I want to be able to foster of love of cooking in her. Cheers to good eats!

Hope you take the time to make these quick and yummy muffins.

Recipe Link: Yammie’s Noshery Blueberry Muffins

Good read:  The Frugal Navy Wife


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