Red is my color

22. October 2014 Interior Design 0

I love colored doors! Come to think of it, when I drive through neighborhoods, I always do a double take.  It just speaks  to me… personality! A bit of sass and boldness. Out of all the colored doors, my favorite color is red. It could be the Asian in me – we have a thing for the color red.

So enough of my rant… … I was mulling over this idea of painting my front door to a vibrant red for a while. I searched Pinterest and found a few DIY websites that were really helpful (shout out to the DIY Website). So after some research, my handy dandy husband made my dreams come true. Hooray!

Here’s a look at our before & after:


Please note the ‘after’ looks 10x time better b/c the weather was gorgeous that day unlike the day of the ‘before’ – cloudy all day every day.


I  do think it adds the extra dramatics that every good DIY picture needs.

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